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What Would Tim Blanks Say?

I was supposed to be writing an entry about the beautiful people at the SAG awards, which I’ll do in a minute, but not before discussing the television fashion coverage of the red carpet. Wow! I was very disappointed by the lack of excitement in which some hostess from the E! Channel (we all know who I’m talking about) conducted herself and the show. Her iconographic over-ambitious, clumsy and predictable personality was in full display. If you don’t believe me check out her interview with Jesse Eisenberg from The Social Network or her discomfited interview with James Franco of 127 Hours. I kept watching her fumble her own game and I kept thinking that someone else should be hosting the show. And then I thought of the right hosts for the show. Where’s Tim Blanks? Or Nina Garcia? These two great fashion journalists/editors would be fantastic but they’re too big for E! He would be so much better at interviewing starlets and their lovers.

He would ask them fashion forward questions while focusing on their clothing rather than their mode of transportation or dispelling myths about chewing gum. Tim Blanks is superb at analyzing trends, fashion, style and he does it all with humor; the right kind of humor. Neither inept nor immature. Nina Garcia is too busy as fashion director at Marie Claire Magazine and killing impossible dreams at Project Runway. With her stoic and non-pretentious attitude she would be a grand dame with a microphone. Nina owns her smart-ass kind of humor and celebrities would gather around her and let it all out while looking great. But again, she’s too big (not physically) for a show that doesn’t even transmit on HD. So my choice would be Tim Blanks to host the red carpet show.

Jeff Kravitz/Style.com
I used to watch Fashion File all the time—it became an almost religious routine and Tim Blanks was my number one host. Tim Blanks always asks the right questions and his guests are always willing to take the time to be grilled by him. And he did it all while flashing the biggest smile. When he left Fashion File to be a contributing editor for Style.com I was disappointed that our TV affair had to end, but I was happy to know that Tim was going to still be an active personality in the fashion industry. Tim Blanks is highly respected for his candor and his ability to deliver a clear and eloquent fashion message—and his facial expressions are very entertaining, charming.  I strongly believe that Mr. Blanks would be a fresh breath of air in the red carpet; he would inquiry about their movie roles and upcoming projects but most of all, he would question them about their beautiful borrowed gowns or their sharp suits. “Congratulations on your nomination and what a great movie,” he would charismatically compliment them. “Thank you, thank you. It’s a great honor to be nominated with such a great group of people,” the young slightly sauced starlet would comment. “Beautiful gown, who are you wearing?” “Stunning and very appropriate for this occasion,” he would not lie. “Oh, it’s, it’s jeez Versachi,” the starlet would reply while her publicist signals her that is time to get off the platform. “It’s a beautiful color on you, a great fabric and flattering to your slender figure,” Tim would continue to compliment her. In real life he wouldn’t do all that talking, at least not so effervescently. He’s too cultured and bright to encourage any alcoholic conversation. “Have a great evening and thank you for stopping by to speak with us,” he would gently kiss her hand good bye. He turns around speaks to the camera for a few seconds and off they go to commercials.

Steve Granitz/Style.com
 Now that I have rambled about nothing, I want to get back to the ladies and gentlemen who looked great the night of the SAG awards. Remember that it’s just my opinion and nothing else. And I’m not policing anyone. I think Mila Kunis looked great in her red hot strapless Alexander McQueen gown and Cartier jewels. It was refreshing to see her wear a design that made her look young, fresh and of the moment. She looked calm, stress-free and I think this dress even gave her better posture.  Hailee Steinfeld the new “it girl” and young star of True Grit looked fantastic. Her candy striped Prada gown was perfectly youthful, accentuated her 5’8” young figure. The colors were jovial; a Debra Harry bright pink, sherbet orange and black-enough to make her stand out from the rest of the ladies.

Jeff Vespa/Style.com

James Franco looked elegant, fresh and clean. I think he looked great in his Gucci tuxedo, but could he have done something with this hair? He still looks good and happy. The ultimate bombshell that is Sofia Vergara made it on to my “she looks great” list. Wow! Enough cleavage and a lot of curves to satisfy the male fans and what a great dress. Her blue Roberto Cavalli (worn with Chopard jewels) fitted her curvy, sexy (normal female) figure like a glove. She radiates so much confidence and joy that both women and men like her. What would Tim Blanks say to her? Maybe something like “you look fantastic and chic; womanly.”  And with her big smile, Sofia would reply “tenk yu Tim, yu’re so sweet.”

Frazer Harrison/Style.com

The young female cast of Glee looked wonderful. Lea Michele in her 70’s inspired, strappy Oscar de la Renta looked modern, demure and improved. I use the “improved” because she got lost somewhere between the Golden Globe Awards and her pink ruffle de la Renta gown. She looked lovely, but the SAG Awards version of Lea Michele was much better. Tim Blanks would have showered her with fashionable compliments for making the right choice this time around. “Simply beautiful and simply a great fashion decision,” he would have told her. “Oh, thank you and I trust your opinion,” she would have awkwardly reacted.
Overall, everyone played it safe, modest—some needed a little editing and most of them wore borrowed clothes. So, the Academy Awards should be a big fashionable and stylish night, but will it be? We’ll see.

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