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Tales & Dreams

Almost everyone I know is talking about the royal wedding: the future king of England Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton. Many of us are a little tired of listening and watching mindless journalists talk about it—many others simply don’t care. Personally, the only thing I do care about is what some of the people will be wearing the big day. Most importantly, what will Kate wear and which designer was privileged to be the chosen one? We all know that the gown Ms. Middleton will wear on Friday is not just a wedding gown; this gown will be copied by many brides-to-be and will remain embedded in the minds of those who care. Remember the big crumpled ivory silk gown worn by Princess Diana in 1981? Gay or straight, male or female, we all remember the gown or at least we would recognize it in a pile of old dresses. So, on Friday, April 29, 2011 pretend you give a damn because the wedding gown will make fashion history and many, many people will be talking about it beyond the toasts and the big names guests. Most importantly, a fashion designer will become a household name, easily recognized, or burned at the stake or maybe just fade into oblivion.

Miss Middleton would look regal, sophisticated, graceful, unfussy and most of all, modern
in this silk satin wedding gown that is made of luxurious fabrics and diamonds.
Designs: Carlo "The Fashion Daddy" Zepeda

Since I’m the editor of this blog and a former wedding gown designer, I’ve decided to design two gowns I believe would suit Miss Middleton fabulously. She is 5’10” tall with a small size figure, which gives her the great opportunity to wear any shape and silhouette found in the fashion universe. Both gowns are made of silk satin—one has three quarters sleeves that are richly constructed with the most luxurious Scottish lace and embroidered with precious crystals throughout the entire bodice. Firmly holding her waif core is an elegant 2 ½” velvet ribbon that ties in the back with a flowing bow and tears down to the floor. The ribbon is encrusted with a stunning diamond brooch borrowed from the queen’s collection. The trumpet skirt with a 10’ train is a graceful feature that gives the bride an elegant and sophisticated feeling, but unpretentious which would make her a modern bride, a minimalist. Underneath the majestic skirt is a crisp and delicate play of organza carefully manicured with crystals and silvery beads. The veil is unfussy, clean but long (20’ long), dramatic and double layered to give Miss Middleton a touch of drama. And a little campiness too.

A gown that is dramatic and at the same time minimal. Miss Middleton would look
radiant, sophisticated, elegant and beautiful in this modern interpretation of
a royal wedding gown. What do you think?
Designs: Carlo "The Fashion Daddy" Zepeda

The second gown is very dramatic and yet minimal. The modern structure of this gown is simply divine! The trumpet skirt is made up of two plentiful ruffles of silk satin—they are majestic and regal. Like the first gown, this one is also layered with organza and embroidered with tiny crystals and beads to give it an impressive look. The fine organza and illusion bodice is carefully layered with small pleats that decorate the diagonal front ending at the foot of an opulent diamond brooch. The sleeves delicately puff at the shoulders and neck of the sleeve. The 20’ veil is encrusted with tiny crystals that are spontaneously placed from crown to floor. The impressive look of this wedding gown is exciting and yet, unfussy—very Kate.
To create these two beautiful gowns took imagination and creativity and a little bit of a dream.


Top & Bottom Monday's

My Three Top Picks of the Week are:
This week is all about color and I’m not kidding. I’ve been inspired and encouraged by the beautiful colors found at a farmer’s market. You can find these colors throughout some of the most delicious, sumptuous, juicy, tangy, sweet collections from Milan to Paris and New York. Color is big this spring/summer—but don’t be na├»ve, not all colors. My top three choices come via the citrus department and the choices are delightful and pleasant to the eye. These colors are joyful and jovial if you’re looking to update a spring/summer wardrobe or simply add color to make you feel youthful and modern. I can’t stress it enough: colors are in, just be careful which shade you decide to wear.

Orange is the color of spring and summer. From Paris to Milan, London
and New York everyone should try this juicy delight.
Photo: Tom Stoddart

Orange is my top pick. This color is everywhere—even gingers can wear this color. Stella McCartney and Proenza Schouler have used orange prominently in their collections. Try it, you might like it. I will.

Yellow is the color of daffodils, lemons and adorable ducklings and when you wear it
it says I'm young, healthy and in love with my life. Try it, you might like it.
Photo: Patrick Aventurier

Yellow is the color of energy or is it happiness? Yellow is in this season too, avoid a mellow yellow; think lemons and daffodils. Your friends will be envious of your daring and refreshing choice. Go ahead wear yellow and you’ll feel great.    

White should remind you of the Mediterranean coast,
of your first love. This season white is the must color to have;
it should not be a difficult decision to make--wear it!
Photo: DEA/A. Tessore

Last but certainly not least, my last color choice for spring and summer is white. White is huge this season. Dolce and Gabbana used white to paint their collection with subtle sexual appeal and to give it a freshness that conveys youth and health. White looks good on anyone and is no longer just for summer—white can be worn year ‘round. It’s easy and breeze—think Mediterranean glow and simplicity. This color never disappoints and if you have a great tan (a real tan not a bronzer) or olive skin, white should be your top choice this spring/summer.

My Three Bottom Picks of the Week Are:

Blue is taking a break this spring and summer.
Photo: Tim Graham

Blue is not cute this spring, wait for fall to come back and you’ll be blue all over again. Save your bucks and buy a white, yellow or orange piece instead.

Green means environmental causes--that's great, but for spring and
summer green (the color) takes a deserved break. Wait for fall to arrive then
you may wear it.
Photo: Joe Raedle

Green. The only thing that should be green is your desire to save the earth. Like blue, green is on deck for fall, therefore, avoid wearing it this spring or this summer. You’ll look dumpy or like you belong in a mental ward. This color is taking a deserved break and if you decide to wear it, don’t blame me for people looking at you weirdly.

You might think that read is for love and it is, but for spring and summer
red means minimal and the less you wear it the best.
Photo: Paul J. Richards

Red was great last season, but this spring is part of the dormant colors. The only way this color will look great on you if it’s used in a minimal manner—on a beautiful print or a understated accessory such as a belt or a pair of Lucite bangles. Or your lipstick, a bag or a fishers hat.


Tales & Dreams

Two nights ago I received a phone call from Christina Aguilera’s manager asking me if I would be interested in styling her for two upcoming television appearances and one red carpet event in May to promote her new NBC music show The Voice. I’ve always thought of Christina as a great talent, but her look, her appearance has always been terrible—overly made up; face too toasted, hair fried, clothes excessively tight and too small for her petite frame. Not to mention a voluptuous torso. Her fashion choices are always ridiculous and over–the- top, superficially cold, inartistic and unlike other drag-queens; her style never quite settled and never distinguishable from the other pop-tarts her age. Confusing and inconsistently tacky; one day she’s the girl next door and the next day she’s a dirty-sultry vixen.

Christina then: dirty and tough vixen and the most recent version: mother and artist.
Photos: Left, Miranda Penn/popsugar.com Right, socialite.com

I was delighted to receive the call and to be given such a mountain high challenge. I had seen the commercial for The Voice and for the looks of it she needs major fashion and style help. For some reason my most recent image of Christina is of this dirty, nasty, oily, tough girl fighting inside of a boxing ring. You know? Vulgar. The look was really butch but not sexy and dirty enough. If she wanted to be dirty she needed to go beyond leather chaps, dark makeup, piercings, construction boots, ripped t-shirt and fake tattoos. In my old head I still think of her as a rough and tough woman who goes around kicking trashcans, scaring kids and beating people around her neighborhood. A thug.

Sultry and feminine looks from Nina Ricci spring 2011 RTW will suit Ms. Aguilera perfectly.
Photos: Yannis Vlamos/GoRunway.com

I want to give her a more modern and fresh look; let’s consider the fact that our little Christina is a mother and she needs to start dressing more like a refined lady than a hooker from the mid west standing on the corner  of Sunset Boulevard and Highland. In order to achieve this transformation she needs to let go of all of her cheap makeup and her less than glamorous wardrobe; this woman needs a fashion intervention and I’m more than happy to moderate the episode. Her fake eyelashes will be donated to some poor struggling drag queen from Mississippi, her long, lacy satin gowns (which by-the-way, are not couture as most people think) will be bestowed to the Out of the Closet Thrift Store where again, some unfashionable drag queen will find them appealing. Christina’s hair will be trimmed to fit any given occasion—good bye to her ridiculous hair extensions and awful big curls. Gross. I’ve done my research and her hair has never looked great; always degenerate and hateful. But let’s stick to clothes.    

Nobody said she couldn't wear timeless Chanel: it will give her class and sophistication.
Photos: Monica Feudi/GoRunway.com

I will offer Christina selections from the most beautiful and feminine collections from Paris to Milan, New York and London. No, not Los Angeles or Beijing: these are not fashion capitals of the world. They are the sweatshops of the world. I intend to get Xtina to wear a few sumptuous and girly creations from the Nina Ricci spring 2011 RTW collection and I will get her to experience the decadence and richness that is Chanel. The new Christina will have class—at least; she will look like she has class. The new Christina will wear colorful and modern-ladylike pieces from the superbly crafted spring collection by Proenza Schouler. A name I’m sure she’s never heard of before.

The colorful, modern and comfortable pieces I've selected from Proenza Schouler
spring 2011 for Christina Aguilera are the must pieces of the season. She'll love them.
Photos: Monica Feudi/GoRunway.com

And for those days and nights when Xtina is feeling like taking a walk on the wild side I will suggest she go for a color infused, 70’s inspired Marc Jacobs. The pieces I have selected for Ms. Aguilera are fun, seductive, chic and comfortable enough to strut her goods around a stage or judge in a mediocre talent show. The accessories will be minimal, simple; there’s no need to stuff her face, neck and fingers with unnecessary junk that most likely will make her look like a tacky Mexican Christmas tree. Now, I must go to continue drafting a fashionable takeover. This challenge must be accomplished in only a handful of days and I’m not a miracle worker or a magician. And you thought fashion was easy. In your dreams. And mine.

Sexy, 70's inspired, color-infused, undeniably girly is Marc Jacobs spring 2011 RTW
and Ms. Aguilera can strut around a stage with ease.
Photos: Monica Feudi/GoRunway.com


Top and Bottom Monday's

My Three Top Picks of the Week are:

How to not do denim this season--Justin and Britney look terrible, while a look
from Stella McCartney is the right thing to do: light, crisp and modern.
Photos: Left, E Online. Right, Monica Feudi/GoRunway.com 

One of the hottest trends for Spring and Summer is denim. Designers such as Celine, Stella McCartney, and Derek Lam have given the spotlight to this daily staple. Think structured denim tops and light jackets and skirts. Please no matchy-matchy like JT and Britney did it one time.   

Read and follow this fashionable and stylish blog--you might like it!

The official launch of the fashionable blog Thefashiondaddy.com I hope people can see and read the blog is a funny and sometimes serious mode of communication. I’ve waited to put it out there for fear of mockery and for fear that people might not like it. I forget that this blog is supposed to be a personal journal of what I like and see relevant for others to follow. I want the blog to be successful and have a great following—I know it will take time to develop into a great success. Read and follow thefashiondaddy.com!

The Dame Elizabeth Taylor Memorial Service Brunch at Gertrude's in the
Baltimore Museum of Art was planned and hosted by the most creative,
talented and fabulous event planner Jeremy "Jay" Day. Dame Taylor would have loved it.
Photos: Left, Jay Day. Right, Carlo "The Fashion Daddy" Zepeda and Daniel Freed.

My top pick of the week is the most fabulous Jeremy (Jay) Day for planning, organizing, getting everyone together and writing a funny and adoring eulogy for the Dame Elizabeth Taylor Memorial Brunch at Gertrude’s in the Baltimore Museum of Art. Everyone looked respectfully fabulous and the grand Dame would have been very pleased. Jay did an extraordinary job and we expected nothing more. Hurray for Jay!

My Three Bottom Picks of the Week Are:

Feathers are for the birds and not for your head. This trend must fly away.
Photos: Left, National Geographic. Right, Americanidol.com

Feathers. Feathers are being used for everything and is wrong. I noticed that almost everyone at American Idol had accessorized with long thin feathers—they were on their hair, in their ears and as bracelets. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Let the feather wearing to the birds.

Fashion and entertainment magazines that publish the same material over
and over again are not great magazines. Be original and creative.
Photo: Baltimore Magazine

Fashion magazines and entertainment magazines that repeat the same material over and over and over. I’ve noticed a few of these periodicals continuously recycle material from four months before. I opened Baltimore Magazine this month as usual their material was from three or four previous issues. This magazine has gotten really boring and non-interesting; is no original and clever. Their styling needs work! I could give them a hand if they want—I know they need it.

Baggy pants are ridiculous, offensive at times and no, they do not define a culture
or fashion time. Say no to baggy pants.
Photos: Tampabay.com

Baggy pants on men and some women are so tired, very tired. I won’t say more. It’s ridiculous and ugly and there should be a law prohibiting this practice. I saw more than butt-crack a few days ago. Ugly! Horrific!


Tales & Dreams

Creative, talented, wild, insanely scrutinized by everyone and they don't care.
Photos courtesy: Vogue.com

Angie and Courtney. One is condemned for her unfortunate actions and the other almost canonized for her charitable deeds. Both are equally beautiful, talented, strong women, good parents, and international super-starts and identified for their male couplings. These two ladies are also known for their colorful (wild) past and their extreme personality. They never seem to keep the public and their loyal fans bored or wondering where are they now? No way.
I forgot to mention these ladies share a passion for tattoos and both are particularly irascible. One said, “I’m driven. I am. I’m driven for some reason. But I don’t know where I’m going,” and the other uttered these words, “If I make a fool of myself, who cares? I’m not frightened by anyone’s perception of me.” Can you tell who they are now? I don’t think you can but just in case—these two females have been nominated for an Oscar, one won and the other drank all the way home. One lost her husband to drugs, allegedly and she still doing drugs. Allegedly.

Angelina's beauty is natural; smartly she knows how to work with it. She's a diva.
Photos courtesy: Vogue.com

I had dinner with them at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel last Monday. One had a Kobe steak sashimi with spicy radishes salad and the other ate everything in the menu. I had no idea they were big eaters but I knew one was going to be hungry since she was about to travel to northern Africa and save the world and the other was hungry, had the munchies. I was delighted to meet for dinner since both ladies are supremely busy; one taking care of 10 kids or is it 12 and the other trying to figure out where she left her dignity and her bag of goods. I’m just a neophyte blogger who is sloppily trying to paint a picture of two iconic women Americans love (or hate—such a strong word) and apparently love to hate too.
It was fantastic to see these two fashionable ladies devour their dinner: the tempestuous songstress was definitively hungry and the starlet was mostly anxious, but communicative nonetheless. I couldn’t stop ogling at what they were wearing: the wild child was wearing a nude sleeveless Chanel couture frock with a pink satin ribbon around her pubescent hips. Girly, chic, but slightly overdone for dinner with a blogger; underdone for sitting across a modern day saint. She looked fantastic, ladylike-sophisticated in her own way. Her lipstick looked smeared around the edges and outdated for a modern woman—did Karl Lagerfeld approve of this unpredictable look? I don’t think so. Her hair looked better than it has in the past, then again, no expectations. As for the saint, the global ambassadress, the martyr and whatever else people chose to call her, she looked radiant. I will call her “kickass” because this woman can break you in two halves by just looking at you. Her tall skinny frame looked sophisticated in a black Versace two piece suit from the Spring collection. The skirt with the Greek key around the waist fitted this illustrious specimen perfectly. She had casually pulled her shinny black hair in a Jersey Shore sort-of-pony tail. It worked and she was working it! She was being careful about not showing too much skin since the skirt had a slit that came up all the way to her panocha. Look it up in a Spanish dictionary.

Highly misunderstood, this beauty is a smart cookie too and her wild personality a plus.
Photos courtesy: Vogue.com

I, on the other hand wore a black Ann Demeulemeester jacket and motorcycle boots—my jeans were apparently “delightful” and a “perfect fit” for the two ladies. I never dress up these days but when I do the effort is worth it. We chatted about fashion: who we like and who we are worried about. I didn’t mention anyone in particular but the saint mentioned a few and the wild child brought up designers such as Mizrahi and Galliano. But wait, aren’t these folks in trouble already? For different reasons of course. We laughed and got serious for a few minutes, then back to what girls do best—gossip. These two gals are the hot magma of gossip; they know what’s going on with everyone and they know everyone is talking about them. Including a few pesty bloggers. We talked about their kids and their future projects. Rehab was on the list for one of them. I’m just saying. Anyway, the time spent with these two wild, crazy ladies was absolutely fabulous and I look forward to doing it again soon. I got in my car and drove away thinking about how the public has lynched and crucified these two ladies for simply being themselves and for breaking societal norms and tearing down Hollywood expectations. I respect and admire them for different reasons and for the obvious too. All I have to say is that my dinner date with them was simply a brilliant dream.


Top & Bottom Monday's

My Three Top Picks of the Week are:

Thefashiondaddy.com is a relatively new fashion and style blog and since its launch last January readers have responded positively and have had great things to say about it. The blog is fun and funny, casual, sweet as candy, loaded with great fashion stories since its founder was a fashion student and a fashion model too—readers get a behind the scene kind of experience. Every Monday the “Top & Bottom Monday’s” post is funny, clever and very real. On Wednesday the “Tales & Dreams” entry is sometimes intimate, personal but also imaginative and filled with frankness and a playful truth. This blogger takes his fashion seriously and he’s now trying to draft a huge set of followers. His mission is to trigger a feeling or a reaction with his writing and his experiences. Check it out and you’ll like it! Follow The Fashion Daddy.

Marc Jacobs Spring RTW collection draws direct inspiration from the 70's.
Photos: Monica Feudi/GoRunway.com

I love the 70’s look for Spring/Summer. The Studio 54 look is fizzy and bouncy. Get a slinky dress in a color that is grown up and screams the 70’s. For those young gals who are too young to remember colors such as emerald green, a rich purple, cobalt blue and sapphire can surely make you feel like dancing-sans the disco ball and the whole muddled party scene. Marc Jacobs did the 70’s so great (in more ways than one) this Spring. Look for this trend to be the big hit of the season.

The Elizabeth Taylor Memorial Brunch will be frantically glamorous, entertaining, wild and extravagant.
Photo: Getty Archives

The Elizabeth Taylor Memorial Brunch this coming Sunday at Gertrude’s in the beautiful BMA. Renowned event planner Jay Day organized, planned, conceptualized, advertised and I think he’s cooking, bartending and serving the food too; this event will pay tribute to Dame Elizabeth Taylor one of our last iconic figures of cinema, style and fashion. She was probably our last true movie star. I’m looking forward to this extravagant, pompous, flamboyant and emotional affair.  

My Three Bottom Picks of the Week Are:

Charlie Sheen the self-described “giant and leaky bag of mayhem” and his less than favorable reviews of his comedy stage show last weekend in Detroit and Chicago. It’s time for him to go away and rescue his reputation. Adieu!

Grumpy negative people can really do a lot of damage to your day and to your health.

People who are very unfashionably negative and grumpy. I can’t tolerate people who despite their good health, having a somewhat miserable job, a roof over their head, loving an unattractive someone and perhaps having a good group of friends and family, still prefer to be angry debbie downers. I know a woman who despite her good life she’s the most negative, bitter, angry, cynical, sarcastic, not funny and oversexed human being. Okay, maybe she’s very angry because she doesn’t have the best hair or the most attractive wardrobe, but that’s not my fault. I have decided that negative people are not for me; it takes too much energy to handle a negative someone—besides, life is too short to spend it with gloomy folks.

One of my heroes--Uncle Bud. Optimistic as ever, loving like no other and funny too

Cancer. Cancer is at the bottom of my list this week for so many reasons, mostly because it has affected me personally. I have lost two beautiful family members to cancer and currently my Uncle Bud is fighting a huge battle with this demonic disease. I encourage you to help fight this disease that affects millions worldwide. Follow this link and donate today. Thank you.