This fashionable and stylish blog is a collage of creative fresh ideas, filled with educated opinions, packed with flexible suggestions, stuffed with a lot of sense of humor and most of all, it is a place where people who enjoy fashion and style can use it as a resource, a channel to let out their passions or frustrations, a virtual mechanism to influence others with individualism and creativity. Anyone can use this blog to break the monotony of your lives—to have a good laugh or to initiate a thought. And if your life feels monotonous spice it up with a tiara or a new belt or a hat. This blog is not supposed to be the fashion police [never] because who can compete with Joan Rivers. This blog is not a serious literary document; instead, it is a fun registry about what we like to wear, our personal style and a life that’s unique, fun and imaginative. WARNING: This blog is not your average and stereotypical blog, this blog offers honesty, choices, fun ideas and a good time. Criticism is welcomed. Cynicism is encouraged!


Tales & Dreams

It is ultimately very difficult for anyone to get a break in any professional field—to get a break in the fashion industry it’s ultimately the greatest challenge for anyone today. Listen up you wanna be designers. Today as in the past, you must have an education. Not just in the classroom, but outside those walls too. Travel the world or outside your state, learn a second language, mingle with other cultures, read books, visit museums, watch the news; I think you know what I mean. A fashion degree is important but not necessarily the most valuable feature to possess. You must be willing to stand the ferocity that is the fashion industry. This field is highly competitive (cut-throat) and the demands are rigorous and good health is highly expected. I know of folks who without their meds they wouldn’t be the fashion stars that they are. What about talent? Talent is good to have and if you lack some, it’s totally fine because you’ll learn to wing it. The apparel industry is not for the weak and the insecure. It can easily eat you alive and institutionalize you. I’m not making it up and if you don’t believe me read below.
Breaking into the fashion industry requires more than just a fashion degree or having the right connections or better yet, having rich parents. It takes more than drafting original gowns and crafting the most innovative shoes; you must be willing to sell your soul to the highest bettor or you’ll never make it. I never sold my soul and I was a little insecure, thus the reason why I never made it. I always knew that my fashion degree wasn’t going to be enough to make it in the industry. I knew then and I still know now that I have the talent to make it as a fashion designer, but reality tells me that my time expired a couple of decades ago.

Modeling was the way I got to experience fashion since I failed as a fashion designer.
Photo courtesy of Bruce Weber/RL '95.

In 1994 during a dinner party in honor of fashion designer Gianfranco Ferré, I had the honor of sitting down with the “architect of fashion” and chat for a few minutes. At that time, I was a terrified and awkward fashion model—trying very hard not to make a bad impression on the man I wanted to work with and who I greatly admired. After ten minutes of basically fluffing his ego and gulping two dirty martinis, I had the nerve to ask signore Ferré what it took for someone to make it into the fashion industry. In a tenor tone and almost out-of-breath he said, “It takes balls and you must be very patient with all the people you have to work. You must also know that in fashion nothing happens by coincidence or overnight.” I stood there with a martini in one hand and the other in my pocket-thinking that I had the balls and I was known for having patience, except I had tried working in fashion and I was mediocre. Since I didn’t make it as a fashion designer in Los Angeles, I decided to give fashion modeling a crack and it worked out better than cutting patterns and sketching bathing suits for Speedo and prom gowns for a Korean manufacturer. At school I was known for spending countless hours sketching and sewing, but I wasn’t known for living outside my classroom walls. I forgot to experience the world.

I never became a famous model nor rich, but I got to see the world and it was fun.
Photo courtesy of Tim Christmas/'08.

Fashion is more than Project Runway or The Fashion Show—these reality shows can and are edited for viewing, therefore your image or idea of fashion might be misguided. My biggest advice for anyone dreaming of becoming a fashion designer is “to prepare yourself in any way you can. By this I mean; read about the industry, establish connections in the area, intern during your school breaks with a retailer or a tailor or your neighborhood seamstress. Attend workshops and lectures by people in the industry; visit the school(s) you might be considering to attend in the future. And most of all trust yourself.” I know I failed at making fashion because I wasn’t fully prepared and never go to do the things I’m now suggesting you do. Before your dreams of runways, beautiful clothes, after parties, fame and fortune get crushed, develop a tough skin and prepare for battle. My dream didn’t happen but yours might.


Top & Bottom Monday's

My Three Top Picks of the Week are:

Her radiant beauty and her glamorous style remains a standard.
Photo courtesy of Richard Avedon

Dame Elizabeth Taylor. Her beauty was like no one before her and her gigantic (but underrated) talent immeasurable. Her glamorous style was bigger than herself and at times, her fashion choices set the world on fire. Throughout her illustrious career Ms. Taylor was defined as a smart modern woman, stylish mega-star and before it became a trend, Elizabeth Taylor was a true humanitarian. She’ll be missed and greatly remembered.

Genuine Articles: Designs That Give a Damn at MICA.
Derek Blanks/MICA.edu

The 18th Annual Benefit Fashion Show at MICA. Genuine Articles: Designs That Give a Damn explores the courtship between humanity and fashion. I have attended this great event in the past, and this year I expect it to be better than ever. Baltimore is not renowned for being a fashion capital (is known for other things which I prefer not to mention) and as an institution, MICA is not renowned for giving birth to the next American fashion designer, but the effort and creativity of the students is to be respected and honored. The proceeds of this event (April 15 & 16) benefit a great cause. Check out their site for more information.

Preppy accessories are the hot wearable items this Spring.
Tommy Hilfiger Spring '11/tommy.com

I hate to admit it, but preppy accessories are amongst the most wearable items for this Spring. I attended a very preppy college and by the time I got kicked out I swore never to suggest it as a good thing. I’ve decided to give you a heads-up so you can run to your nearest mall or your computer an load up on items such as tasseled loafers, girly headbands, nautical handbags or totes, a few polos, ladylike pearls and anything that might give the illusion you belong at Harvard or that you’re smart and fashionable at the same time.  

My Three Bottom Picks of the Week Are:

The over-the-top wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired-the hair overdone.
Photo courtesy of American Idol/americanidol.com

The stylist for American Idol. Have you noticed the ridiculous clothes the contestants get to wear? The cheap long gowns are too much, the jackets on the men are too small and the shoes for both, the male and female contestants are very pedestrian. Have you noticed the hair? The women are too overdone and the men need to be reminded that the messy mohawk is a thing of the past…a faux pas. And dirty facial hair is aesthetically obnoxious. The style department for AI needs to get it together or at least get a couple of full size mirrors.

The Ex-Girlfriend Levi's jean is not for your average man.

The Levi’s Ex-Girlfriend jean for men. Not attractive and very uncomfortable. The stretchy, skinny and super snug jean is ridiculous. The men who wear the jeans are martians and they’re definitively missing their male genitalia. I won’t say more. Better yet, look above.
And finally, overweight gay men who think they look “great” wearing their pleather chaps when the weather outside is 35°. By overweight I mean 295 pounds and maybe 5’ 5” tall. I was unpleasantly surprised to witness the above look this weekend. I didn’t know what to say except for, “get your butt waxed, exfoliated and moisturized.” That look was unnecessary and not in trend. Photo not needed—too disturbing and unpleasant.


A Legendary and Glamorous Style

Beautiful, stunning and one-of-a-kind glamour. Iconic Elizabeth Taylor.
Photo courtesy of Richard Avedon/1964

Beautiful, iconic, bold, stylish, chic, unpretentious, glamorous, trendsetter, brave, fashionable, tempestuous, talented, funny, generous, one-of-a-kind, wild, courageous, fiery, enigmatic, passionate, hilarious, famous, strikingly beautiful, sexy, independent, intelligent, spoiled, bright, rebellious, graceful, loyal, stunning…a few of the words people have used to describe the legendary Elizabeth Taylor.

Sultry, rebellious, wild, seductive, independent, bright and original.

Elizabeth Taylor lived a ridiculous glamorous life and she had the wardrobe and style to match. Her style was glamorous and evolved as fashions changed. Famous all over the world for her radiant beauty and her cinematic talents, Ms. Taylor and fashion had a very unique and intimate relationship. Her devotion to fashion, style and glamour and to maintaining the refined—sophisticated star image is unrivalled in today’s celebrity obsessed society.

Her sensuality and sex appeal at full display in Butterfield 8.
Photo courtesy mptvimages.com


Tales & Dreams

The voluptuous news ladies from Primer Impacto.
Top row from Left: Barbara Bermudo & Ilia Calderon
Bottom row from Left: Jackie Guerrido & Satcha Pretto.
Photos courtesy of Univision.com 
It would be a dream to style some of the ladies from Univision. I don’t want to sound racist or intolerant or as if I’m poking fun at the expense of other’s fashion misfortunes. No, not me.  I’m just trying to be educational in a playful manner. Fashion is not to be taken seriously, but if you’re on TV don’t look laughable and ridiculous. The ladies in question are beautiful and smart but they’re all starting to look alike—big and brassy. Bárbara Bermudo, Ilia Calderón, Satcha Pretto, weathergirl Jackie Guerrido all from Primer Impacto. Chiquinquirá Delgado and Karla Martínez from the morning show Despierta América. Shangela, Raja, Carmen Carrera, Shawna Alexander and Andora Te’tee are beautiful too.

As you can see these ladies are not shy or afraid to flaunt their goods.
Left: Chiqui. Right: Karla Martinez/Univision.com
The ladies from Univision need to step up it a notch or two and update their 80’s looks. It’s not (accent on NOT) cute to see your dumplings boiling out—by this I mean, it is not ladylike to show your tetas on TV. Not for free. It is also not cute to see you struggle when you try to close your legs while broadcasting the news or interviewing your guests. The super tight short dresses you all wear are asinine, how do you do it? And the big shoes? Let me tell you, stilettos are chic and extremely sexy but the construction boots the ladies from Univision wear are horrendous. I thought I was watching an episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race but it turned out to be Primer Impacto. Bárbara, Karla, Chiquinquirá and the other Univision ladies take some notes from the women (not by birth) in Rupaul’s Drag Race. Gals like Raja and Carmen Carrera or drag queens such as Andora Te’tee never show their precious goods unless it requires doing so. They never give it to you without a charge.

Raja and Carmen Carrera display their modern and sexy looks.
Rupaul's Drag Race/Logo.com

I have always had this silly dream: To sit down with some of the ladies from Univision and give them some practical and easy suggestions regarding their on-camera wardrobe and makeup. Here are some free and constructive opinions: Chiqui you’re very pretty to make yourself look older than you are or look overcooked. Get a Miami tan and the overdone hair has to go. Trim it or style it in a more casual way. Look fresh not fried. And Jackie, you’re too short to wear clothes than make you look more like Smurfette than the bombshell that you are. And get rid of those clunky shoes; donate them to a tacky drag queen that will be happy to wear them. Karla you’re bubbly (I don’t know what you’re drinking in the morning at Despierta América, but I want some) and like your co-host Chiqui, you’re very pretty too, but your fashion choices are too gloomy. Murky actually. You wore some grayish knee high boots the other day and it wasn’t pretty; you need a mirror and a professional stylist. And like your colleagues, your hair needs to simple—what is it with Latina women and the big wavy hair? Hair extensions are good but don’t over do them. I’m personally volunteering my styling services to help bring the Univision ladies out of the dark ages. I’m not holding my breath, but maybe this dream can come true. One never knows. 


Top & Bottom Monday's

My three top picks of the week are:
People who donate to the Red Cross or any other organization helping rebuilt Japan. DONATE and you will feel better about yourself and others will feel better because of you. Follow the link to make your donation. It doesn’t matter if you donate $1 or $1 million. A penny makes a difference.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They were photographed at a CFDA event and I’m impressed, both looked terrific and not horrific. On Ashley The Row pantsuit and Manolo Blahnik shoes. On Mary-Kate, The Row blazer and blouse; Balenciaga belt and Louis Vuitton shoes. The twins are nominated for a Swarosvki Award for Womenswear for their line The Row. Who knew? Congratulations ladies!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen looking chic and mature.
Patrick McMullan/Style.com

Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez designers for Proenza Schouler. They are nominated this year for Womenswear Designer of the Year Award and Accessory Designer of the Year Award. These guys really know how to do their thing. Their Spring 2011 collection kicked butt.

Proenza Schouler designers, Lazaro Hernandez & Jack McCollough

My three bottom picks of the week are:

Women (over 25) who are still dressing like their teenage daughters. Ladies, grow up! And young ladies don’t dress slutty either—dress your age too. Teenage girls who dress scantily belong in the Red Light District and they are not cute. Guys are just going to use you for one thing and you know what it is.
Winter weather. I’m sick of it and I’m nominating winter weather as one of my bottom picks for this week. Spring is officially here; therefore, winter needs to take a break already—and take Charlie Sheen with you.
People who tell jokes about the tragedy in Japan. Telling jokes, posting them on any social network or any other medium, is NOT FUNNY. To laugh at other people’s tragic expense is very insensitive. Instead of laughing about a tragedy, donate. Click on the link.


Put Models On Your Cover

Kim is a bonafide cover girl in this month's Harper's Bazaar.
Harper's Bazaar/March 2011.

I received my Harper’s Bazaar magazine a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t believe my eyes; Kim Kardashian on the cover of one of America’s oldest fashion magazines? Really? Why? I wasn’t surprised but I was a little concerned for the magazine. No more integrity? What would Diana Vreeland say? Not too long ago beautiful fashion models used to grace the cover of the magazine (and almost all of the fashion magazines) but those days are over—in the 90’s celebrities or should I say “celebritarts” began to replace models. Allegedly, it was Anna Wintour who came up with the concept of putting stars on the cover of Vogue. The fad took over. I don’t think it was great idea, since nowadays they’ll put anyone (I’m rolling my eyes) on the cover, thus, Kim Kardashian is now a legitimate cover girl. 

Kim has built an empire based on her curves and personal life.
Allure Magazine/September 2010.

I’m a strong believer that models look and feel ten times better than celebritarts on the cover of a fashion magazine. By this I mean, models have the innate ability and figure to make clothes look superb even when the clothes are restricting, pedestrian and horrifically unaesthetic. Models can make everything look great. I understand magazines need to sell, but do we really need to know more about celebritarts and their superficial, materialistic, immature, pompous, plastic lives? I don’t think so.

Playboy was the launching pad to a cover girl status.
Playboy/December 2007.

Back to Kim Kardashian. Other than her sex tape, her big butt, her supposed romances, her Playboy pictorial, her Keeping Up with the Kardashians show and the half a dozen other spin-offs her show has produced;  what else is she known for? Oh, her spanking new music career. Yes, Kim has a music career now, her single Jam (Turn It Up) is out there. You be the judge. I don’t mean to be rude or cynical but what’s her talent(s)? I think she’s attractive, but I still don’t know what are some of Kim’s contributions to the arts, culture and society. I still don’t know what she does? Am I the only one who feels this way?

Featuring Kim on the cover of Glamour, January 2011.

I hope Anna Wintour and her team of brilliance does not cave in and put someone like Kim on the cover of Vogue. Don’t sell out! I didn’t even bother to read the article in Harper’s. It didn’t look interesting.  The photos by Terry Richardson were good and I don’t know what else to say. I’m concerned celebritarts will begin to take over the fashion industry. If they haven’t already done so. What’s next? Snooki on the cover of Italian Vogue? Or is that a reality? Or, Charlie Sheen’s “goddesses” on the cover of Cosmopolitan? Besides The National Enquirer or Star Magazine I don’t foresee them as fashion cover girls. Can you imagine DJ Pauly D grinning on the cover of GQ? Please tell me it isn’t so. Last year Kim graced the covers of Allure in September, W in November and last January she was on the cover of Glamour; a little disturbing and disappointing. Is Vanity Fair next? Are editors really desperate? Most readers already know that Kim has built a “business empire” based on her curves and her love affairs are no longer a secret, so nothing is new? To offer celebritarts a platform to display their uninteresting and self-indulgent actions is a little unfortunate. Please bring back models or feature celebrities that offer something new, different, and fascinating or at least have interesting funny lives. Call me and I’ll tell you who I think should be on the cover of your magazine. I’m serious.
Two versions of the cover for W in November 2010.
Allegedly Kim didn't like the photos accompanying the article (?).
W/November 2010.
Celebritart [a combination of celebrity and pop-tart] is a clever and imaginative way to refer to any one male or female who has been elevated to a celebrity status by means of intoxication, divorce, tackiness, a bad reality TV show, drugs, stealing jewelry, screaming obscenities on the phone, sexual misconduct, anything or everything an average person could be in legal trouble.



Three nights ago I had a great dinner date with Miuccia Prada. Yes, the ONE and ONLY, Saint Miuccia Prada. What, you don’t believe me? Let me tell you.
I was invited to attend a special dinner at the Gramercy Tavern hosted by Saint Miuccia (we have a very casual relationship that we call each other by our nicknames) in honor of her new muse, 14 year old Hailee Steinfeld from the movie True Grit. The setting was spectacular like Miuccia herself; the main dining room had been reserved for the occasion. The tables were decorated with small silver containers filled with fresh gardenias, English roses, baby tulips and sprigs of mint and rosemary. White candles everywhere. Simple and ultra chic. The lighting was seductive and sexy too.

The great designer and excellent hostess Miuccia Prada and guest James Franco.
Left, WWD Staff-Right, Out.com
“Ciao Carlo, come stai?” Miuccia greeted with a warm hug and a couple kisses on my fat cheeks.
“Molto bene. E tu?” I responded nervously. Come on, is Miuccia Prada.
“Bene, grazie,” she sheepishly replied. Miuccia is well known for demure stature and her quiet personality. She’s no pomp and little circumstance. Never a big bang with her. Never.
“Sono cosÌ felice che tu sia qui. Dove Dan?” she held my hand tightly while talking fast and leading me to the bar. I was happy to be there, but nervous to be surrounded by a lot of prominent pretentious folks. Fortunately, nothing like some of the parties I have attended in the past: cheap beer, old wine, disgusting food—sometimes just chips and bean dip and a lot of drunken ugly people.
“Dan ѐ qui, parlando con un amico tramite la porta,” I answered. By this time she was handing me a martini and she was swallowing one too. She’s a great hostess and a happy drunk, if you know what I mean. By-the-way, she looked “favolosa” that’s Italian for fabulous. I, on the other hand looked terrible and feeling pooped. Don’t get me wrong, I was still wearing Prada from two collections ago. Dan looked great in his Dior Homme suit, but was feeling extremely exhausted. 24 hours before he had been in Changsha, China where for the last few months he’s been working on an architectural project.

The beautiful Danish model Freja enjoyed the fabulous dinner party too.
Jeremy Kost/WireImage
I looked around the room and there were some fantastic looking people, mostly eurotrash and some American duds. A lot of models, including the most grand of all models, Daria Werbowy. And the stunning Sasha Pivovarova, the current “IT” girl Arizona Muse and the freakishly beautiful Freja Beha Erichsen. There were also a few queens who were there with their sugar-daddies. A fashion party wouldn’t be a party without the gays. Personally, it’s so nauseating to see young gay guys with some centenarian having whisky and munching on each other’s ears. Gross! Yes, André Leon Talley was there and no, Anna Wintour wasn’t there. Apparently she had better things to do. André was wearing a huge black silk satin robe thing that was embroidered with two blue peacocks, red carnations and hundreds of Swarovski crystals. The cape robe thing looked more like an oriental rug than anything else. You know André; he has to be the center of attention. Marc Jacobs was there too, looking tanned and drinking mineral water all night. He gave up booze you know. Vanity Fair’s Ingrid Sischy was sitting in a corner talking with architect Rem Koolhaas—who has designed a couple of the Prada stores. Both looked like they were having a philosophical conversation and drinking vodka on the rocks. She’s an interesting duck.

The dynamic duo of Proenza Schouler; Lazaro and Jack were there and so was Liya Kebede.
Left, Patrick McMullan/NYMag.com-Right, Femalenetwork.com

I couldn’t believe that I was sitting next to Angela Missoni and Dan was sitting next to Lazaro Hernandez one half of the incredible team of Proenza Schouler. Their clothes are to die for. Across from me was the most ravishing Somalian, Liya Kebede wearing an emerald green stole and the Prada banana shirt and who was chatting up a not so dapper James Franco. Did you know he chews on his finger nails? Now that’s crass.
“I wonder if he took a shower today. Or did he use deodorant?” I asked myself about Franco. The women at the dinner couldn’t keep their eyes off of him, why? He’s not all that. Most, importantly, I kept looking at Dan and wondering whether he was going to use a knife to cut his food or like before, use his fork as a cutting tool too. He rarely uses a knife to cut his food, something I’m intrigued by and appalled at the same time. I was praying that his sweet peas wouldn’t land on Benjamin Bratt’s head, who happened to be sitting across from him. I was relieved when I saw Dan pick up his steak knife.
I was having a wonderful time—an experience like any other, especially after my stint in the big house. I was Miuccia’s guest, drinking champagne, taking photos with Daria and Arizona and having conversations with the likes of Annette de la Renta and photographer Juergen Teller. And hear some fashion rumors from the other half of Proenza Schouler, Jack McCollough. It doesn’t get any better than that right? Well, it only gets putrid from there, because I woke up with a headache from all of the tossing and turning drafting this wonderful dream.  It was all just a hedonistic delusion. 
Nobody does it like Daria-her beauty is the 8th Wonder of the World.
George Pimentel/WireImage, Life.com


My three top picks of the week are:
Fruitful prints. The citrus print is a must have for Spring/Summer. Carefully accessorized with monochromatic jewelry this bold and refreshing print can be your juicy and sweet summer pick.
This juicy print will make you feel fresh. Stella McCartney.com
Lace. Lace is not for old church ladies anymore. Go borrow or steal your nana’s vintage lace blouse and pair it down with a great pair of flats to go around town—who said you were a dud? Avoid the neon colors but say yes to white, black and nude shades of this suddenly not so Victorian trend.

Who said lace was for old ladies? They are crazy.
Dolce & Gabbana.Yannis Vlamos/GoRunway.com

Sun kissed or sun faded clothes that are worth wearing. I’m not saying pull out your old college clothes and put them on, no. I’m suggesting clothes that remind you of the summer you spent in Maine or the trip you took to Baja. You can run your new clothes through the washing machine to achieve the effect but why when you can find them at your nearest vintage store or mall?

Sun faded clothes are hot this summer. J.Crew top and pants/J.Crew.com

My three bottom picks of the week are:
Khaki pants for men. They are out of style, out of this planet. Even one of the great fashion retailers refuses to reinvent this American classic. Give it another year or two. Maybe in three they’ll come back. Adieu!

Kiss your khaki pants good-bye unless...

Rubber boots. Put them away and bring them out in November. Nobody should be caught wearing rubber boots unless you’re working for the Sanitation Department. This morning I saw a young woman (20ish) wearing a pair of pink rubber boots with a denim skirt up to her half moon and a navy blue turtleneck sweater and a pearl necklace. The pearls were the size of gumballs. Now that’s brave.

Throw them out or put them away until next winter. Walmart.com

Winning! I’m sick of it. Enough already.


Happy Birthday Vogue.It

How times have changed since the first Italian Vogue was published in 1965.
Left, 1965 cover. Right, 1988 cover the first to be directed by Franca Sozzani.

Italian Vogue March '11 by Steven Meisel. Dress Dolce & Gabbana.
I guess I’m a little late in wishing Vogue.it a HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY on the launch of their stylish and very chic site.  Vogue.it is such a great site for those like me, who are sort of addicted to fashion. Well, not addicted but great devotees of such a fickle and ever-changing industry. I have enjoyed this site since its momentous birth in February of 2010. Their archive is simply the best. Their fashionable cabinets are stuffed with great fashion history and a lot of eurojunk too. It’s hilarious to peruse through their site and see some of the funniest advertising and some the greatest fashion editorials. Can you believe Italian Vogue has only been around for 46 years? Is that possible? I thought they were as old as the Holy Scriptures. In fact, I thought Anna Piaggi worked as a stylist for Moses and Steven Meisel was an assistant to Mary Magdalene. But seriously, Vogue is committed to producing the most fabulous photographic stories and offering their readers material that is unlike any other—I must say, sometimes their obsession to celebrities is overwhelming. Especially to D list American starts who go abroad to promote their direct to DVD movies or who fell off the wagon. Personally, I want to see fashion and not sweaty drunken anti Semitic bullies or desperate undersexed starlets.

February '11 Italian Vogue--one for the ages.
Better late than never, HAPPY BIRTHDAY VOGUE.IT and continue offering your readers killer editorial productions, fun stories, up-to-the-minute feeds from the runways around the world. And don’t forget the garish gossip stories too. We all love a train-wreck and you do a good job at offering us plenty of celebrity dish. Keep up the good work and cheers to many more years of fabulosity.

The beautiful Sasha Pivovarova. Vogue December '05 by Steven Meisel.

All photographs courtesy of Vogue Italia/Vogue.it


A Couture Rebel. A Romantic Maverick

A realist and a romantic at heart. Photo: Michael Woolley

He stands alongside Poiret, Chanel, Schiaparelli, and Balenciaga as a person with a unique vision of himself, his clothes, and his times, who is aware of the past but entirely modern in his approach—a man with a revolutionary and subversive eye.

A dreamy ballgown for Givenchy. Photo: Lillian Bassman

One such moment occurred in January 1997, when John Galliano created his first collection as chief designer of the house of Dior.

Madness! Photos: Right, Paolo Roversi--Left, Niall McInerney

“He has a luminous quality which makes him unique in fashion: poetry, fantasy, magic, beauty – he dares to make us dream.” Stéphane Marais

The imaginative world of John Galliano. Photo: Paolo Roversi

“He is a perfectionist because he knows no other way. It has nothing to do with money. When he had no money, it was exactly the same. Getting everything perfect is much more important to him than eating or having a bed to sleep in. He could never cut corners for such trivial things.”
Stephen Jones

Glamour that evokes the 1950's and an intricate work of art.
Photos: Left, Mario Testino--Right, Niall McInerney

It was an emotional occasion and many would claim a significant one. It marked not only the fiftieth anniversary of the New Look, but also the creative coming-of-age of John Galliano.

Inventive and modern. Modest too. Photos: Left, Nial McInerney--Right, Michael Woolley

Their role [fashion leaders] is to shock, stimulate, excite and amuse. Above all, they should ruffle our complacency by questioning not only our attitudes to beauty, femininity and allure, but also to ourselves.

Nobody can do a bias-cut satin dress like Galliano. Photo: Steven Meisel
 “My role is to seduce.”

The gypsy influence is evident in his fashionable creations. Photo: Michael Thompson
Nobody can pretend that Galliano’s career has been smooth-flowing.

Since I’m a great fan of designer John Galliano, I decided to write this entry to show support, since the past few days haven't been the greatest. I believe in his amazing creativity and his passion for the art of creating beautiful fashion. To Mr. Galliano I say, “This too shall pass.”
The citations (except "captions") and all of the photographs are from the book, Galliano by Colin McDowell, 1997.  


Guys: Three Trends To Follow

This morning at the gym, some guy was talking to his faghag about going to a wedding in Maine this summer but didn’t know what was appropriate to wear to an outdoor ceremony in the woods and an afternoon reception at an inn. First, let me address the ceremony issue in the woods. What kind of wedding is this? In the woods? Who’s getting married? Mama Bear and Papa Bear? Where do you tell guests to go or which landmark to look for? The big oak tree by the waterfall? Ridiculous. Second. What is appropriate to wear to an outdoor ceremony? Well, in this case mosquito repellent, big pair of rubber boots, overalls, a hat and a big smile to pretend you’re having a good time. Can you imagine the disgusting experience? In the summer in Maine and in the woods? Ouch! I can’t even begin to imagine the drama—as party favors everyone gets mosquito bites and a rotten time.
A nice suit never goes out of fashion. Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011.
Yannis Vlamos/GoRunway.com

For a reception at an inn a nice linen suit would be very appropriate. Both trends are IN this season for men: the suit and linen. Suits never go out of fashion but they tend to transform as time and trends evolve. A great suit that is properly fitted is a must have in every men’s wardrobe; it can be casual or it can be serious and sophisticated. It can be double breasted or single, trimmed at the waist or not, it can sleek cut or casual as in a sports coat. Whatever style or cut, a suit needs to have two important characteristics: classicism and masculinity. Now, for the guy at the gym I recommend him to get a nice single breasted seersucker suit paired with loafers or wingtip. A lightweight (but high quality) and fitted beige linen suit could be great too. Linen is the best fabric for sizzling summer days. This guy didn’t sound like he was excited about going to this wedding and he looked like he could afford a nice summer suit. So splurge, you won’t regret it.
The black leather jacket is a classic that gets an update this season.
Marlon Brandon/Courtesy of Phil Stern Archives
Men’s fashion trends are slow to evolve and they are usually less dramatic (and traumatic) than women’s fashion trends. For spring/summer 2011 I recommend guys to get a nice black leather motorcycle jacket; any other color and you will look outdated and ridiculous. Make sure is leather and not pleather nor suede nor any other material that does not feel or look like leather. Think of yourself as modern Marlon Brandon in The Wild One and trust me the chicks will follow you. This trend was best achieved in the 80’s and has now reappeared as one of the best to follow this spring.

Burberry Prorsum gives the leather jacket a modern twist.
Marcio Madeira/FirstView.com
The next spring trend I’m going to mention is going to make some males think twice, find it appalling and some might run the opposite way. Yes fellows, “floral prints” are IN this season. Based on what some designers showcased for spring/summer, floral prints have emerged as the one trend that will hopefully catch on with the confident male or the metrosexual. Floral prints need to be minimal and tasteful—in no way, I’m suggesting getting a huge garden print—it needs to be fun and stylish. Not bold and flamboyant. Avoid large floral prints; be daring and smart. Be yourself without looking too severe.

Florals are not just for women or gay men. D&G Spring/Summer 2011.
Marcio Madeira/FirstView.com
Ladies, if you have a man in your life (or a good gay friend) encourage them to splurge on a nice suit, a crisp linen shirt or a pair of modern shorts. His college clothes must go; he needs to grow up. Remember, “If he doesn’t look good, you don’t look good.” Spending some cash in a couple of trendy items can get expensive, but the investment is great and long lasting. Do not allow your boyfriend or husband to walk out of the door looking like a caveman or a creature who doesn’t want to be taken serious. Or he simply doesn’t love you or cares about you—if he loved you he wouldn’t make himself look unattractive or ghastly unappealing.  
A confident man wears florals.
D&G Spring '11. Marcio Madeira/FirstView.com