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Top and Bottom Monday's

My Three Top Picks of the Week are:

How to not do denim this season--Justin and Britney look terrible, while a look
from Stella McCartney is the right thing to do: light, crisp and modern.
Photos: Left, E Online. Right, Monica Feudi/GoRunway.com 

One of the hottest trends for Spring and Summer is denim. Designers such as Celine, Stella McCartney, and Derek Lam have given the spotlight to this daily staple. Think structured denim tops and light jackets and skirts. Please no matchy-matchy like JT and Britney did it one time.   

Read and follow this fashionable and stylish blog--you might like it!

The official launch of the fashionable blog Thefashiondaddy.com I hope people can see and read the blog is a funny and sometimes serious mode of communication. I’ve waited to put it out there for fear of mockery and for fear that people might not like it. I forget that this blog is supposed to be a personal journal of what I like and see relevant for others to follow. I want the blog to be successful and have a great following—I know it will take time to develop into a great success. Read and follow thefashiondaddy.com!

The Dame Elizabeth Taylor Memorial Service Brunch at Gertrude's in the
Baltimore Museum of Art was planned and hosted by the most creative,
talented and fabulous event planner Jeremy "Jay" Day. Dame Taylor would have loved it.
Photos: Left, Jay Day. Right, Carlo "The Fashion Daddy" Zepeda and Daniel Freed.

My top pick of the week is the most fabulous Jeremy (Jay) Day for planning, organizing, getting everyone together and writing a funny and adoring eulogy for the Dame Elizabeth Taylor Memorial Brunch at Gertrude’s in the Baltimore Museum of Art. Everyone looked respectfully fabulous and the grand Dame would have been very pleased. Jay did an extraordinary job and we expected nothing more. Hurray for Jay!

My Three Bottom Picks of the Week Are:

Feathers are for the birds and not for your head. This trend must fly away.
Photos: Left, National Geographic. Right, Americanidol.com

Feathers. Feathers are being used for everything and is wrong. I noticed that almost everyone at American Idol had accessorized with long thin feathers—they were on their hair, in their ears and as bracelets. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Let the feather wearing to the birds.

Fashion and entertainment magazines that publish the same material over
and over again are not great magazines. Be original and creative.
Photo: Baltimore Magazine

Fashion magazines and entertainment magazines that repeat the same material over and over and over. I’ve noticed a few of these periodicals continuously recycle material from four months before. I opened Baltimore Magazine this month as usual their material was from three or four previous issues. This magazine has gotten really boring and non-interesting; is no original and clever. Their styling needs work! I could give them a hand if they want—I know they need it.

Baggy pants are ridiculous, offensive at times and no, they do not define a culture
or fashion time. Say no to baggy pants.
Photos: Tampabay.com

Baggy pants on men and some women are so tired, very tired. I won’t say more. It’s ridiculous and ugly and there should be a law prohibiting this practice. I saw more than butt-crack a few days ago. Ugly! Horrific!

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  1. they are saying NOW....YOU ARE GAY IF U WEAR THEM DOWN