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Ann Demeulemesster is Red Hot!

I had a big weird out-of-body experience this morning. It didn’t last very long but the 15 minutes seemed like hours and the hours were a full of grace kind of moment.  I’ll tell you why. I was watching the Ann Demeulemeester men’s fall 2011 collection and I was blown away. One by one somber, gangly and almost pre-adolescent looking models (I’m sure they weren’t) walked out onto the runway wearing the most ultra chic and architectural refined clothes. Each piece looking proper, edgy, modern, polished and stimulating since Demeulemeester was on fire. Not literally, but her show was hot! Unlike her spring 2011 collection which featured two main colors back and white; this collection was some color. Not too many colors, but something different to the usual Demeulemeester palette. Her usual somber gray and black were paired with rays of orange, red, blue and tints of ashy white. Everything about this presentation was right; the attention to detail(s) and modern construction clearly mastered by Demeulemeester.
Monica Feudi/Style.com
The great thing about these clothes is that almost every single piece [all] was an easy wearable piece—pieces that have never made a debut in a collection since it was the first time they were carefully crafted. Demeulemeester must have travelled to some other constellation to collect herself, resources and design this poetic and heavenly collection. The specs of silver starry bodies against black reminded me of images of far away galaxies that were printed in my elementary school science textbook. These clothes had the feeling of having been showered by snowflakes before the show and had slowly melted—leaving behind a celestial trace behind them. This collection, which I consider it to be international, deliberately architectural with hints of contemporary bohemia, can be worn by a stylish punk in London to a refined music agent in Los Angeles and a midnight rocker in Tokyo. The red suit with the oversized black gloves was devilish hot. It looked like Demeulemeester had played with fire and got burned. Not burned at the stake, to the contrary, this suit was on fire. Who wouldn’t be caught wearing the beautiful black winter coat that was paired down with the orange jacket? This coat had movement, a delightful shape and size (did you see the lapels?) and an ultra-modern feel. Hey Ann, Johnny Depp will be calling you to place his order soon, if he hasn’t already. This black jacket was exquisite and a Demeulemeester original. I watched this show selfishly dreaming that I could own each piece, but truth be told, it was just a dream. With every piece that marched in front of my screen I was mesmerized by the fluidity of the clothes and the unsuspecting experience of seeing bright colors in a Demeulemeester collection. Throughout the show I wondered if Ann had summoned her spiritual healer and in a hypnotic experience decided to punch her fall collection with colors believed to have mighty healing powers. I think this time Demeulemeester went to infinity and beyond.

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