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Tilda Rocks the House and SJP Blew It

My Three Top Picks of the Week are:

Diane Kruger attending the premier of Sleeping Beauty at the Cannes Film Festival.
Her metallic Calvin Klein gown was a perfect fit for a glamorous evening.
Photo: Venturelli/WireImage.com

My top pick of the week goes to German actress Diane Kruger who wore a metallic Calvin Klein gown to the premiere of Sleeping Beauty at the Cannes Film Festival. She looks hot—except for two things: her bust needs a little more support and she needs to pretend she’s enjoying the event. Smile a little, don't be a sour puss. Her hair is in trend (the messy braid to one side) and her dark red lips are the perfect combination to flatter her evening look. Good job Diane.

Tilda Swinton is no longer a fashion mess-wearing the colors of the season
she looks regal and chic in this Haider Ackermann halter creation.
Photo: Style.com

I knew this woman was a badass, quirky and permanently the top androgyny, but at the Cannes Film Festival she proved to be a major fashion force. Cate Blanchet move over, Tilda [Swinton] is in town! At the premiere of We Need to Talk About Kevin, Tilda is wearing a Haider Ackermann backless halter two piece ensemble that fits her perfectly and is much in trend with the bold/royal colors. Who knew she could look like a real woman and less than a fashion joke. Look at the hair, the makeup (she’s wearing makeup y’all) and the Olympia Le-Tan clutch; she’s a winner and I’m impressed.

Flanked by her boyfriend Michael Sheen and Woody Allen, Rachel McAdams is glamorous
and not earthy crunchy as she usually prefers to look. Her Marchesa gown is great.
Photo: yesmakeitnow.com

Drama and Fire. Rachel McAdams brought drama to the red carpet. Rachel wore a red lace Marchesa gown (and a sheer bodice and train) to the premiere of her Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris. Her voluminous hair is all about old Hollywood glamour and the lack of jewelry is appropriate since the Marchesa gown is ultra embellished. What else can I say about this Mean Girls look? Nothing except, welcome to the A-List and to blow it!

My Three Bottom Picks of the Week Are:

Mother Goose is in the house. Too bad Sarah Jessica Parker didn't bother to
get her gown fitted and her hair coiffed for the evening. She's a hot 60's mess.
Photo: babyrazzi.com

This is the toughest list yet, but they deserve being called out. Sarah Jessica Parker at the New York City Ballet gala wearing a shimmering Valentino gown. She’s a mess: everything about this look is wrong. Her hair is very Mother Goose—granny, the bag across her chest is very wrong and bad. I can’t do and I won’t spend too much time on this hot mess. I’m sorry Mr. Valentino, but SJP looks more like a grandmother than a fashion icon. Next!

And she's back again. Her mane needs to be tamed.
Bad. Ugly. Out of control and 100% wrong.
Photo: babyrazzi.com

She’s back to offer us more. Barbarella called and she wants her hair back. SJP wearing a purple Halston Heritage cashmere tank gown to the Robin Hood Foundation gala. The dress is trendy but the hair is a crazy mess. What was she thinking? Is she a Real Housewife cast member now? Sarah darling, get some fashion help or fire your stylist before you end up in the fashion graveyard.

Doesn't Vanessa look drunk? If I were wearing that awful dress I would be too.
Photo: zimbio.com 

Vanessa Hudgens at the Calvin Klein Women of Cannes shindig wearing a sleeveless Calvin Klein Collection yellow number. Look at the asymmetrical hemline, wrong—too avant-garde for her petite stature. Her hair is a Sucker Punch mess and doesn’t she look inebriated? Her 15 minutes are up. Good luck.

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