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Top & Bottom Monday's

My Three Top Picks of the Week are:

Brazilian masterpiece Gisele Bundchen looked radiant and very chic in her scarlet
archival Alexander McQueen gown at the Met Gala. Gisele worked it! Killed it!
Photo: PRPhotos

My top pick of the week goes to Brazilian natural wonder Gisele Bundchen who wore a vintage scarlet strapless gown by Alexander McQueen to the Met Gala last Monday night. The woman killed it! She looked radiant, in top form and I will go as far as to say, she’s having sex. She smiled sex; she exuded sex—great sex, actually. Accessories? Yes, Van Cleef & Arpels earrings. Her biggest accessory was clinging to her arm, her freaky husband Tom Brady. Have you noticed how this guy does not have any personality? She has bucket loads of personality but he’s boring like a box of hair.  

Look at the hem. Look at it, is unfinished and messy. She looks great
in this tangerine Vivienne Westwood dress. Jen is taking the right steps foward
to look more today than 5 years ago. Look at her, she's giving us boobs.
Photo: AP Photo/Peter Kramer

Jennifer Aniston stopped by a Sephora store in NYC to promote her self-titled fragrance. Miss Aniston who is usually a snooze in black or gray outfit looked bright, juicy and a little daring in her tangerine body flaunting Vivienne Westwood frock. Too bad the hem looks messy—reminiscent of a Project Runway challenge. That’s how 42 years old should dress. Take notes Real Housewives of Whatever, that’s how you do it. The keyhole detail in the bosom area makes her look modern, less boring and approachable. Look at those big oranges—they are happy to be out for once. Kudos to Jen for wearing the color du jour of and for trying a new look. Keep it up Jen.

A 21st century American artist, Jess is on her way to becoming a strong
figure in the art world and hopefully fashion too.
Photo: Carlo http://www.thefashiondaddy.com/ Zepeda

Although she is not celebrated throughout the “art world” [yet], Jess Pfhol is a 21st century American artist concentrating in paint, paper and promotion. She is also a fashionable and stylish woman. At a recent event she wore a red and white spring coat that was chic and current. Last January when the temperatures were unpleasantly low and unfashionably chilly, Jess wore a vintage mink coat that was to die for—thank goodness the PETA folks weren’t around. The minks aren't the only one dying for fashion. Jess will die for fashion or at least for her mink coat.

My Three Bottom Picks of the Week Are:

The teal Zac Posen dress is beautiful, is the whole package that got me thinking
that she looks too country. An hommage to Tammy Wynette I guess.
Photos: talkingmakeup.com

You can take the girl out of country but you can’t get country out of the girl--Reese Whiterspoon is a hot southern bell in this teal Zac Posen body hugging strapless dress and black satin peep-toe platforms. She looks like she’s arriving to the CMA's and not the Water for Elephants premier in Sydney. The hair is a la Tammy Wynette and the strapless look is starting to get tired. Reese needs to start taking fashion risks and be more fearless. I give her credit for doing her hair differently; Reese needs to let her bangs grow or pin them up.

Beyonce's Emilio Pucci gown was too much for everyone. Look at her being
carried up the red staircase by her husband Jay-Z and one of her people.
Beyonce took it too far this time, I hope she had a good time.
Photos: INFdaily.com

Beyoncé got a little carried away (literally) in these Emilio Pucci mermaid black gown at the Met Gala. The dress is too tight, too garish and too much of everything. Honey, the dress was tighter than Joan River's face. The dress is so constricted she looks more like a sausage than a real starlet, performer, or whatever she is. Didn’t she try the dress on before heading out to the gala? She couldn’t walk up the stairs because the dress was extremely taut at the knees and everywhere else. Beyoncé had to be carried up the red staircase by her Tom Ford clad husband Jay-Z and one of her little people. The Pucci black gown with gold embroidery was too much for this Queen B—she looked more like a mardi gras float than a couture queen. The lack of movement and circulation put Queen B in a bad mood that she decided to not give good face to the press. So she got booed.

She missed her figure skating event so she decided to attend the Tassimo Brewpot Cafe
in NYC. Eva's look would do great at an ice-skating championship.
Photo: Ilivethegoodlife.com

Apparently Eva Longoria read her invitation wrong. The poor dear thought she was going to the ice capades, not the grand opening of Tassimo Brewpot Cafe. I thought someone was going to club her in the knee for wearing such an ugly creation. What is that? Well, it’s a black (and pink) Camilla and Marc cap sleeve mini paired with black satin ice-skates, oops peep toe pumps. Miss Eva wore this little number to the grand opening of the Tassimo Brewpot Café in NYC. This little lady needs to start dressing appropriately for her age and hang up her minis. I’m sorry Eva but I don’t give free passes.

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