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Tales & Dreams

Almost everyone I know is talking about the royal wedding: the future king of England Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton. Many of us are a little tired of listening and watching mindless journalists talk about it—many others simply don’t care. Personally, the only thing I do care about is what some of the people will be wearing the big day. Most importantly, what will Kate wear and which designer was privileged to be the chosen one? We all know that the gown Ms. Middleton will wear on Friday is not just a wedding gown; this gown will be copied by many brides-to-be and will remain embedded in the minds of those who care. Remember the big crumpled ivory silk gown worn by Princess Diana in 1981? Gay or straight, male or female, we all remember the gown or at least we would recognize it in a pile of old dresses. So, on Friday, April 29, 2011 pretend you give a damn because the wedding gown will make fashion history and many, many people will be talking about it beyond the toasts and the big names guests. Most importantly, a fashion designer will become a household name, easily recognized, or burned at the stake or maybe just fade into oblivion.

Miss Middleton would look regal, sophisticated, graceful, unfussy and most of all, modern
in this silk satin wedding gown that is made of luxurious fabrics and diamonds.
Designs: Carlo "The Fashion Daddy" Zepeda

Since I’m the editor of this blog and a former wedding gown designer, I’ve decided to design two gowns I believe would suit Miss Middleton fabulously. She is 5’10” tall with a small size figure, which gives her the great opportunity to wear any shape and silhouette found in the fashion universe. Both gowns are made of silk satin—one has three quarters sleeves that are richly constructed with the most luxurious Scottish lace and embroidered with precious crystals throughout the entire bodice. Firmly holding her waif core is an elegant 2 ½” velvet ribbon that ties in the back with a flowing bow and tears down to the floor. The ribbon is encrusted with a stunning diamond brooch borrowed from the queen’s collection. The trumpet skirt with a 10’ train is a graceful feature that gives the bride an elegant and sophisticated feeling, but unpretentious which would make her a modern bride, a minimalist. Underneath the majestic skirt is a crisp and delicate play of organza carefully manicured with crystals and silvery beads. The veil is unfussy, clean but long (20’ long), dramatic and double layered to give Miss Middleton a touch of drama. And a little campiness too.

A gown that is dramatic and at the same time minimal. Miss Middleton would look
radiant, sophisticated, elegant and beautiful in this modern interpretation of
a royal wedding gown. What do you think?
Designs: Carlo "The Fashion Daddy" Zepeda

The second gown is very dramatic and yet minimal. The modern structure of this gown is simply divine! The trumpet skirt is made up of two plentiful ruffles of silk satin—they are majestic and regal. Like the first gown, this one is also layered with organza and embroidered with tiny crystals and beads to give it an impressive look. The fine organza and illusion bodice is carefully layered with small pleats that decorate the diagonal front ending at the foot of an opulent diamond brooch. The sleeves delicately puff at the shoulders and neck of the sleeve. The 20’ veil is encrusted with tiny crystals that are spontaneously placed from crown to floor. The impressive look of this wedding gown is exciting and yet, unfussy—very Kate.
To create these two beautiful gowns took imagination and creativity and a little bit of a dream.

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  1. Fabulous designs, dah-ling! Sadly, Kate will be forced to sport something uber-traditional and designed by a Brit...English wedding gowns are so terribly stodgy and shapeless! They may as well cover her in glue and roll her in a pile of taffeta for all it's worth.