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Top & Bottom Monday's

My Three Top Picks of the Week are:
This week is all about color and I’m not kidding. I’ve been inspired and encouraged by the beautiful colors found at a farmer’s market. You can find these colors throughout some of the most delicious, sumptuous, juicy, tangy, sweet collections from Milan to Paris and New York. Color is big this spring/summer—but don’t be naïve, not all colors. My top three choices come via the citrus department and the choices are delightful and pleasant to the eye. These colors are joyful and jovial if you’re looking to update a spring/summer wardrobe or simply add color to make you feel youthful and modern. I can’t stress it enough: colors are in, just be careful which shade you decide to wear.

Orange is the color of spring and summer. From Paris to Milan, London
and New York everyone should try this juicy delight.
Photo: Tom Stoddart

Orange is my top pick. This color is everywhere—even gingers can wear this color. Stella McCartney and Proenza Schouler have used orange prominently in their collections. Try it, you might like it. I will.

Yellow is the color of daffodils, lemons and adorable ducklings and when you wear it
it says I'm young, healthy and in love with my life. Try it, you might like it.
Photo: Patrick Aventurier

Yellow is the color of energy or is it happiness? Yellow is in this season too, avoid a mellow yellow; think lemons and daffodils. Your friends will be envious of your daring and refreshing choice. Go ahead wear yellow and you’ll feel great.    

White should remind you of the Mediterranean coast,
of your first love. This season white is the must color to have;
it should not be a difficult decision to make--wear it!
Photo: DEA/A. Tessore

Last but certainly not least, my last color choice for spring and summer is white. White is huge this season. Dolce and Gabbana used white to paint their collection with subtle sexual appeal and to give it a freshness that conveys youth and health. White looks good on anyone and is no longer just for summer—white can be worn year ‘round. It’s easy and breeze—think Mediterranean glow and simplicity. This color never disappoints and if you have a great tan (a real tan not a bronzer) or olive skin, white should be your top choice this spring/summer.

My Three Bottom Picks of the Week Are:

Blue is taking a break this spring and summer.
Photo: Tim Graham

Blue is not cute this spring, wait for fall to come back and you’ll be blue all over again. Save your bucks and buy a white, yellow or orange piece instead.

Green means environmental causes--that's great, but for spring and
summer green (the color) takes a deserved break. Wait for fall to arrive then
you may wear it.
Photo: Joe Raedle

Green. The only thing that should be green is your desire to save the earth. Like blue, green is on deck for fall, therefore, avoid wearing it this spring or this summer. You’ll look dumpy or like you belong in a mental ward. This color is taking a deserved break and if you decide to wear it, don’t blame me for people looking at you weirdly.

You might think that read is for love and it is, but for spring and summer
red means minimal and the less you wear it the best.
Photo: Paul J. Richards

Red was great last season, but this spring is part of the dormant colors. The only way this color will look great on you if it’s used in a minimal manner—on a beautiful print or a understated accessory such as a belt or a pair of Lucite bangles. Or your lipstick, a bag or a fishers hat.

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